Performance-Oriented Psychology:
it's the tune-up your business has needed

Higher Performance

Higher sales and staff performance are connected to EQ skills such as assertiveness, optimism, and self‑reflection.(4)(5)(6)

Positive Interactions

Positive team interactions can be facilitated by enhancing employees' self‑awareness and recognition of emotions in others.(9)(10)

Customer Satisfaction

Greater customer satisfaction when staff are able to use emotional intelligence skills such as empathy.(7)(8)

Effective Leadership

Fostering emotional intelligence will help management staff to lead their team effectively and envision an optimistic future.(11)(12)

Reduce the Cost of Mental Illness:
our programs are also preventative solutions

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Short‑Term Disability Claims(1)

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Long‑Term Disability Claims(1)

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Absenteeism, Presenteeism, and Turnover(2)

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Lost Productivity Projected By 2041(3)


We provide professional development in performance‑oriented psychology to motivate your staff & positively impact your bottom-line. We help you enhance customer experience, sales resilience, team dynamics, & leadership.


Our team will create content that uniquely fits your organization's performance needs. We provide ongoing consultation and coaching to ensure maintenance of these psychological solutions.


We offer support in-person, video conference, phone, and email within 24 hours. We make ourselves available to meet your scheduling needs and set up our training workshops accordingly. Our initial consultation is FREE.


Our team consists of professionals in the fields of psychology and business management. We deliver insightful presentations and workshops that are relevant to your organization's performance needs.